Brian Rogosky began writing before he thought of doing anything else besides perhaps programming computers.

He works in the software technology industry and is a writer of poetry and fiction.

Brian spent most of his life in Pennsylvania, surrounded by the woods and rolling hills that inspired his writing.
He began writing poetry while attending Reading Central Catholic High School. He received degrees in Science and Psychology from Pennsylvania State University, where he also studied literature and philosophy.

After a few years building data-driven websites, he became a Ph.D. student and researcher in Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Science. He received a Master's degree in Psychology at Indiana University in Bloomington and co-authored several articles on empirical studies of cognition.

Brian has worked in the software industry for over 20 years and lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 7 years before moving back to the east coast.

He is currently tinkering with ideas on ontologies and knowledge visualization that could one day become a novel or a universal language or both.