My poetry centers on a quest for spiritual understanding and a sense of belonging in nature and society, despite the many contrary forces in modern life.

Stars and Whispers

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This is a collection of fifteen poems spanning my early writing in the 90's through 2011. The set of poems is a reflection on the world, both the universe and the natural world on earth, and our response to and role in this world.

I ordered the poems as a progression of the themes:

  1. The world and being in this world:
    • "The world is much more than how" - inspired by E E Cummings Play Audio
    • "Whispers" - our small, fragile place in the universe
  2. A spiritual journey that leads to a deeper mystery, not a resolution
    • "Times" - on the paradox of Time and on our spiritual journey
    • "The Ocean"
    • "The Rhythm's End"
  3. A celebration of the hero in the spiritual journey and a merging with the natural world
    • "Hope of This Day" Play Audio
    • "(The battle cry of) the Selfless Self"
    • "I will live purely" Play Audio
  4. How the spiritual journey parallels the writer as a seeker:
    • "The Hunter"
    • "The death and life of a thought made word"
  5. How the world personifies and reflects our spiritual journey, and we perhaps are the World's consciousness:
    • "All the Year"
    • "The World Personified"
  6. Finally, ending with nature and the other:
    • "The Wonder"
    • "Learning to love the all of You"
    • "Stars"

Two Poems on Nature

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  1. Wolfsong Play Audio
  2. City In Winter