Brian Rogosky is a former PhD student in Cognitive Science and Cognitive Psychology at Indiana University, Bloomington. He completed his Master's thesis on category learning with Dr. Robert Goldstone. He has co-authored papers on category learning, cognitive motor learning, and machine learning (AI). Currently he is an independent, part-time researcher in the areas of knowledge representation/visualiation, AI and human-computer interaction.


Selected Scientific Publications:

  • The following publications proposed a neural network approach to demonstrating how networks of related concepts support translation between different conceptual systems. This has implications for AI, ontology translation, and semantics.

  • The following publications are based on Brian's master's thesis that tested how concepts may be adapted in a similar way to perception:

  • Other research on concepts

    • Goldstone, R. L., Steyvers, M. & Rogosky, B. J. (2003). Conceptual interrelatedness and caricatures. Memory Cognition, 31(2), 169-180. Download PDF
  • A publication based on Brian's undergraduate Honor's thesis on human motor-control using a virtual reality experiment.

    • Rogosky, B. J., & Rosenbaum, D. A. (2000). Frames of reference for human perceptual-motor coordination: Space-based versus joint-based adaptation. Journal of Motor Behavior, 32(3), 297-304.